455 Webley Ammo

A British cartridge first introduced in 1891, the .455 Webley is a high caliber pistol round originally designed for black powder. It saw military use primarily in revolvers such as the Webley Mk VI, a common sidearm for officers in World War I. However, a version of the 1911 was also chambered in .455 for British use. Like many contemporary revolver cartridges, .455 Webley ammo fires a heavy (typically 265 grain) bullet at a relatively low muzzle velocity of 600-750 feet per second.

Though not widely seen today, the .455 Webley is still a good choice for target shooting, as its solid accuracy and relatively low recoil lend themselves well to the range.

Note that some Webley revolvers imported to the US have been modified to fire .45 ACP rounds instead of .455 Webley ammo; make sure to buy the right ammunition for your particular revolver.

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