454 Casull Ammo

A powerful cartridge that can be described as a "magnum" version of the .45 Colt, the .454 Casull is longer and stronger than its predecessor and uses a small rifle primer due to its high pressure. .454 Casull ammo is considerably more powerful than even the .44 Mag, firing a 250 grain bullet at muzzle velocities approaching 2,000 feet per second. Revolvers chambered in this caliber are capable of taking medium or even large game at close range and can also provide defense against bears and other predators.

Guns chambered in .454 Casull include the Ruger Super Redhawk, and the Taurus Raging Bull and Raging Judge Magnum. Unsurprisingly, this mighty cartridge delivers a substantial kick and requires a bit of familiarization to use effectively!

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