38 Long Colt

The .38 Long Colt was introduced as a black powder cartridge in 1875 by Colt; many years later, in 1892, it was standardized by the United States Army and used until the early 1900s. Although not particularly successful in its military role, .38 Long Colt ammo works well on the range due to its low recoil. Needless to say, modern .38 LC ammunition uses smokeless powder and non-corrosive primers.

A typical .38 LC load fires a 125-150 grain lead bullet at a muzzle velocity of about 800 feet per second. Cowboy action loads that are somewhat less powerful offer excellent performance and minimal recoil for accuracy-oriented steel target shooting. 38 long colt ammunition can be had from a variety of manufacturers including Ultramax and Black Hills.

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