32 S&W Ammo

The Union Metallic Cartridge company (now part of Remington) introduced .32 S&W ammo in 1878 as a black powder cartridge for the Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 revolver. A typical load fires a light 85-100 grain bullet at a low muzzle velocity of about 700 feet per second.

32 SW is a relatively low-power round, it was originally marketed for close-range self defense and served better in this role than most rimfire calibers. Today, most .32 S&W ammo is used for target shooting. Because of its dimensional similarities to the .32 S&W Long, .327 Fed Mag, and .32 H&R Mag, .32 S&W ammo can be safely used in a variety of handguns not strictly chambered for it. Remington/UMC still produces ammo for this caliber, as does Brazilian manufacturer Magtech, both of which you'll find in-stock below when we can offer it for sale.

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