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Are you pulling your hair out trying to think of the perfect gift for someone? You’ve given them a motion-activated electronic singing bass for the past 14 years in a row, but after the eighth time you’re starting to suspect they’re only thanking you out of courtesy. You know you can do better.

But ask yourself this: Does the person you’re gift shopping for love guns? Then surely they also love ammo. And that brings us to our main point here: You should give that person a $500 gift card!

With this incomprehensibly thoughtful gift, your pal, spouse, relative or casual acquaintance will be able to order several hundred rounds of their favorite ammo right to their doorstep (unless they live in some ruthless dictatorship like California or Massachusetts, where we can’t ship to). And every time they go to their favorite range or hunting grounds, they’ll be able to thank you. You’ll be a hero, and all it’s going to take is a $500 gift card.

Giving a gift card is easy!
1. Order the gift card of your choice
2. Our friendly staff will email you, the recipient, or both a gift card template to be printed upon receipt
3. The gift card recipient can apply their credit to any purchase

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