Black Hills Ammunition - Round Nose Flat Point - 230 Grain 45 Scholfield Ammo - 50 Rounds

Black Hills Ammunition
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230 Grain
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Developed for use in the Smith & Wesson Model 3, top break revolver, the .45 Schofield (a government variant of it anyway) became the standard issue sidearm caliber for the US military from the 1870s through the early 1890s. While it was shorter than the .45 Long Colt, the cartridge could be fired from both Smith and Wesson and Colt revolvers – the LC was too long for the S&W - and as both firearms were adopted for use by the military, the Schofield was the obvious choice to answer resolve problems of logistics and supply. Loaded to slightly less pressure thanks to its size, the caliber was well known for its easy recoil and accuracy, making it a popular choice in service and out with private gunslingers in the Old West. The lead, flat nosed, 230 grain bullet by Black Hills has a nominal muzzle velocity of 730 feet per second with 276 foot pounds of energy. Making it ideal for competitive cowboy shooting in either top breaks of .45 LC revolvers.

With a name like Black Hills, it simply *has* to be involved with cowboy action shooting. Though the company has branched into modern military calibers, and is often chosen by US military competitive shooters, the roots of this South Dakota based company run strong in the spirit of the Old West. Box branding speaks to the authenticity of the 19th century, but loaded with non-corrosive, smokeless powders that will not corrode your gun maintains that some modern conveniences are worth sacrificing true “period” re-enactments.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Black Hills Ammunition
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 230 Grain
  • Bullet Type Lead Flat Nose
  • Quantity 50
  • Ammo Caliber 45 SCHOFIELD
  • Manufacturer SKU DCB45SCHON1
  • Cost Per Round $0.80 per round

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